Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

Master Course

Master Training in Positive Psychotherapy

Preconditions for participants
• University graduates (minimum bachelor degree) in fields such as humanistic sciences,
psychological, counseling, educational, health or medical field
• Completed Basic Course training in Positive Psychotherapy (200 hours) and certification as
Basic Consultant of Positive Psychotherapy
• Full WAPP membership
Duration (710 hours; minimum time: 2 years)
• 300 hours of theory seminars
• 100 hours of self-discovery (group and/or individual)
• 250 hours of practical work with clients
• 60 hours of regular supervision
Title and qualification
• Certified Positive Psychotherapist
• The training will deepen the participants’ knowledge of Positive Psychotherapy and other
methods and teaches them to use it in professional counseling and therapy situations.